Introduction to Magento

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Explore Magento and work on E-commerce projects with the market leaders

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Are you an experienced developer? Do you want to improve your skills? This course is for you. Magento is a popular E-commerce platform for online shops. In this course you will deal in the platform code and will learn to customize Magento standard functionality.

You will learn how the file system and databases in Magento function, how to manage attributes as well as how the CMS page works. As a result, you will have new opportunities for solving business issues.

What will you get?
  • Magento
  • LAMP
  • E-commerce
  • OOP
  • MVC
  • XML
  • Composer
Required skills
  • Experience in PHP + CMS or MySQL – from 2 years
  • Intermediate English

Why Magento?

  • Demand for Magento developers exceeds the supply
  • Ford, 20th Century Fox, Gap, Lenovo, Samsung, and other market leaders are choosing Magento
  • Magento is a leading E-commerce platform with a 30% of market share
  • The Magento developer community is one of the biggest in the world – there are more than 335,000 members


Dmytro Khomenko

Introduction to Magento Teacher and Course Author

I’m a Full Stack developer in a broad sense. My speciality as a programmer is in backend Magento. As a team lead, I’m responsible for the PM/ Front-End dev/ Back-End dev/QA teamwork. As a company co-founder, I attract new customers by selling our talents and our team’s experience. It started 10 years ago, with an introduction to Magento. Behind it are interesting technologies which help me grow professionally. Also, the potential for teams and companies building abounds. I appreciate those who take responsibility for their work. This means, in particular, those who are able to recognize their mistakes and learn. Course listeners for me are not students, but team members. For them, I’m demanding but dedicated. I love the phrase: “If you want to have something that you never had – start doing something you never did”.
Igor Vansach

Magento teacher

I'm the founder and CEO of the Magefan. We support websites based on Magento 2. I love programming. When teaching I share everything that I know and pay attention to the details. I'm trying to be funny and encouraging and not let the students sleep. At the weekend I'm cycling, walking and, again, programming.

Students say:

After graduation, I developed some websites for clients. I had a serious push to act. I believed in myself and I still do. I’ve found my favorite job and I’m happy — no matter how silly this sounds.

Gromadiuk Galina, Ivano-Frankivsk

The teachers shook my brain, which was tired of the routine. Can't say what subject was my favorite, all of them were unique and beautiful.

Rusin Sviatoslav, Poltava

Everything I learned was useful in my job. Since the very beginning of the courses, I’ve made nearly 20 websites layouts. I was retouching photos, making vector illustrations, logos. Also, there are great parties in the Academy. I still communicate with my groupmates. And here I found my love.

Aristarkhova Ekaterina, Poltava, Designer AIT Inc

In the Academy, they give you a powerful and dynamic background and different solutions. All of the tasks are based on real projects. When I was studying, I developed some websites. Now I’m working on my own study projects. I’ve met interesting people at the courses. And when I finished, I found my own team. Beetroot Academy gave me the insight for the next step.

Koba Oleksa, Poltava, Founder IT BRO

I’ve understood that I can not only work but share my knowledge at different IT conferences. Later I've found my ow conference in Kharkiv. Also, I work as a coach in an HTML academy.

Antipenko Vlad, Poltava, Founder

Why Beetroot Academy?

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70% employment rate

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Two flags of blue and yellow

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The full package

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Learn based on real market needs

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We are a non-profit

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A rare opportunity
A rare opportunity

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