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Do you like to combine work with numbers and creativeness? It's time to understand Digital Marketing and to launch creative advertising campaigns. You will dive deeply in the Analytics, Paid Advertising, Content Strategy. You will learn Social Marketing and Demand Generation. After our course, you will define the digital marketing strategy from customer acquisition to retention.

You will learn to balance – reflect the brand voice and meet the objectives of the business. Will make data-driven decisions regarding marketing optimization. Map out your brand’s content, from your website to your social presence. Create, launch, and analyze Social and Google AdWords campaigns. Together, we will work through real-world projects, campaigns and training exercises to gain practical experience and insight you need to succeed in today’s digital economy.

What will you get?
  • Strategy
  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • SMM
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Media buying
  • PR
  • ABM
Required skills
  • Basic understanding of the digital marketing landscape

Why Digital Marketing?

  • Every business needs a digital presence, adhering to a digital economy
  • The digital talent gap is widening - demand for digital marketing talent continues to exceed supply in key areas
  • The digital marketing landscape is vast – you can find an appropriate place to apply your hard and soft skills

Course content


54 hours

During lessons, you’ll solve real-life cases with your teacher. You’ll work individually or in groups together with your colleagues.

career guidance

8 hours

Specialist ins HR will help you understand the local IT market, teach you how to write a compelling CV and will guide you through an interview process.

During lessons, you’ll solve real-life cases with your teacher. You’ll work individually or in groups together with your colleagues.

Specialist ins HR will help you understand the local IT market, teach you how to write a compelling CV and will guide you through an interview process.

Course description

module 1
Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Strategy & Framework

1. Introduction to digital marketing landscape

2. Marketer’s role within an organization

3. Strategy: marketing funnel types

4. Creating customer personas

5. Developing customer’s journey map

6. Setting marketing goals, KPIs

module 2
Market & Competitor research

1. Market research frameworks

2. Market research tools

3. Gathering market intelligence

4. Competitor analysis frameworks

5. Competitor research tools

6. Gathering competitive intelligence

module 3
Website & WordPress

1. Setting up your online presence

2. Introduction to CMS WordPress

3. WordPress templates

4. Plugins

5. Widgets

6. Blogging on WordPress

module 4

1. Introduction to SEO

2. How Search Engines work

3. Keyword Research

4. On-site optimization

5. Technical SEO

6. Link building and authority

7. Measuring SEO efforts

module 5
Content Marketing & Storytelling

1. Storytelling in marketing

2. Content marketing trends

3. Content types & formats

4. Planning a content strategy

5. Writing a copy that sells

6. Content creation framework

7. Analyzing content performance

8. Re-purposing content

module 6
Email Marketing

1. Best practices in email marketing

2. Automation tools. Introduction to Mailchimp

3. Creating an email marketing campaign

4. Writing a high performing email

5. Email design

6. Email deliverability

7. Email testing & analytics

8. Regulations to follow

module 7
Google Analytics

1. How Google Analytics works

2. Google Analytics setup

3. Navigating Google Analytics

4. Analyzing reports: Real Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior

5. Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder

6. Goals. Measuring business objectives

7. Setting up dashboards and shortcuts

module 8
PPC. Google Ads

1. Google Ads Overview

2. Setting up Google Ads Account

3. Bidding Strategies

4. Extensions

5. Writing ad copy

6. Keyword planner

7. Structuring ad groups

8. Tracking and Analytics

module 9
SMM & Social media Advertising

1. Social platforms overview

2. Creating a Social Media Strategy

3. Content for posting

4. Brand & online community

5. Social media automation

6. Facebook Overview

7. Instagram Overview

8. Twitter Overview

9. LinkedIn Overview

module 10
Conversion Rate Optimization

1. CRO foundations

2. Persuasive Design & UX

3. Best practices of high-converting websites

4. Conversion research

5. A/B Testing strategies

6. Optimization Strategies

7. Building optimization technology stack

module 11
Media buying and PR

1. Media landscape research & planning

2. Media buying process

3. Writing a Press release

4. Journalist Outreach

module 12
Introduction to ABM

1. From lead-centric to account-centric. ABM methodology.

2. Implementing ABM in the company: Aligning Sales, Marketing & Customer Success teams

3. Listing and tiering accounts. Identifying ICP

4. Research of account insights

5. Pilot Strategy (Engagement & Content Plan)

6. Pilot Execution. Account-specific Engagement. Orchestrating plays

7. Advocacy. Metrics & Technology stack

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Katerina Rud

Digital Marketing Course Author

I worked in the market research unit in Ciklum. Then I came to EngagePoint. I spent 5 months in Washington, doing B2G sales and marketing. Now I`m working independently with clients from different countries. Sometimes marketing is like acting. You need to turn into a buyer to understand how to build a strategy. I love the flexibility. When there is an internet you can work whenever you want. I am never tired of the combination of creativeness and analytics. Marketing involves cooperation with different teams, so you do not get stuck on your tasks. My job lets me travel a lot. I have visited 15 countries for the last couple of years. In my free time, I love digital detox – quest rooms, yoga, walking. I love the phrase: “If you are the smartest person in the room so the room is wrong for you”.
Dmytro Vіkhrov

Digital Marketing Teacher

I worked as the internet marketing specialist for the agency. Then I started some business. Last year my team and I became a founder of a crowdfunding platform Currently, I'm working as a marketing specialist for another start-up. I love collaboration within a team and enjoy work results. I'm keen on helping people to find the goods and services they need. Also, love to help companies to make a profit. I love dancing, playing the drum, reading, travelling, doing yoga and watching good movies.

Students says:

Things were comfortable and cozy at the lessons. After graduating, I got 3 projects for my portfolio. The 4th one was a test task for a studio. They hired me without an interview. I believed in myself because of Beetroot Academy.

Domme Anna, Kyiv

I knew that It's hard. But our awesome teacher helped us to survive with a smile. It was love from the first lesson and an unforgettable relationship for all 4 months. The knowledge I got was crucial for my job. I become more self-confident and saw a field with endless development open up for me.

Bryzhak Maryna, Poltava

The teachers shook my brain, which was tired of the routine. Can't say what subject was my favorite, all of them were unique and beautiful.

Rusin Sviatoslav, Poltava

It was difficult to start. I knew a little about programming. But everything in the courses was interesting. And now — I'm a developer.

Tiunov Alexander, Kramatorsk, Developer NKMZ

In the Academy, they give you a powerful and dynamic background and different solutions. All of the tasks are based on real projects. When I was studying, I developed some websites. Now I’m working on my own study projects. I’ve met interesting people at the courses. And when I finished, I found my own team. Beetroot Academy gave me the insight for the next step.

Koba Oleksa, Poltava, Founder IT BRO

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70% employment rate

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The full package

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Learn based on real market needs

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We are a non-profit

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A rare opportunity

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