Machine learning teacher

Life is in full swing at Beetroot Academy! We’re looking for a Machine Learning Teacher. You will focus on the practical side of the course and teach students using real-life projects. You will become a leader of future specialists, help people start a new career, and develop the IT community.

Your experience and tech stack:

  • Solid understanding of and ability to explain the theory of machine learning, particularly of neural network-based methods, including linear algebra, calculus, and probability theory/statistics. 
  • Experience using machine learning libraries scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and Keras.
  • Be comfortable programming in python, including working with data and mathematics with libraries such as NumPy, matplotlib, and pandas. Advanced python is not required, but general programming experience is needed. The coding in the course is focused on fast prototyping, not at writing big, efficient programs.
  • Experience using Jupyter notebook and Google colab, or spend significant effort to familiarize yourself with it before the start of the course.

Your skills and personal qualities:

  • Ability to explain and discuss machine learning theory to students of somewhat mixed backgrounds
  • Be passionate about sharing knowledge with the students and encourage their development
  • Patience to let the students try out coding their own solutions
  • You’re not bugged by questions
  • You can structure data and present it in a comprehensible form
  • You know which criteria signify real knowledge in your field and you can verify them

Will be an advantage:

  • Mentoring and teaching experience
  • Ability to hold the audience’s attention easily
  • Public speech experience

What will you do:

  • Teach students using real-life cases. Pass the knowledge that will help acquire a new profession
  • Follow the field trends, add new features to the course, and make it even more practical and useful
  • Check the students’ level of knowledge, correct the learning process according to the needs of the group
  • Form a friendly and open atmosphere in the group, maintain high motivation
  • Participate in our events 

What will you gain from us:

  • Structure your knowledge
  • Try your hand at group leadership
  • Promote yourself via Beetroot Academy
  • Meet new people and find new members for your team.

If you think we are a match, send us your CV with a short Cover Letter. We will contact you soon. Have any questions? Just drop us a message. We’re always up for a chat.

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Nataliia Hoshovska