Stanyslav Ivashchenko


August 07

I communicate with clients all over the world – from New Zealand to the USA. I’ve worked on more than 60 websites, a dozen mobile apps, 20 logos.


Design is the solving of hard tasks; the building of interaction algorithms between a user and a product. Every day you see the flight of ideas. And you have to implement these ideas in life.


I appreciate discipline, but my lessons are easy and funny. I teach how to interact with all members of an IT-project, how to understand users and build a career.

We will test our knowledge, critically evaluate products and improve products.


In my free time I do sports, watch education videos and take photos of wooden buildings. Love this phrase: “No rich parents. No assistance. No handouts. No favors. Straight hustle. All day. Every day”. I believe that we make our lives on our own. You have to earn success, not to wait for it to fall down from the sky.

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