Stanislav Chernyshov


March 16

I have been working as a designer since I was 19. My first job was in a polygraph studio. There were tons of papers and ugly flyers. Then I changed jobs in some web-studios, and after that I was working as a freelancer for a company from the US. I worked as a UI/UX designer in an online store chain for 3 years. Then I started working for an IT-company, and I have been working here for 4 years. I chose my direction when I was learning. I have always been interested in designing interfaces, websites, and mobile apps. At first it was all ugly and unattractive. But when you try hard and persevere, it always pays off. I love working on mobile apps. One of my favorite projects is the Alias game, where you need to guess words. I love seeing the result. When the project is done and laid out well. When It works and it’s useful for people, and makes money for a client. I want to share knowledge and lead some new and promising students, whose work I will be proud of.

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