Oleksandr Ordynskyi


March 29

I’m a FullStack JS developer (HTML, CSS, Angular, React, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, PSQL) with 5 years of experience. I took part in local projects: EuroTaxi, VIK and foreign projects: LoomLogic, Soa  Leads, Urnora, WARM. Now I’m in the music industry with a Danish startup. Front-End is in demand and it’s interesting. You see the visual results of your work immediately. Among all the frameworks I can distinguish Angular and React with its ecosystem. React helps developers to create big web-applications for measuring data and not reloading the page. The main goal of the React is to work quickly, to be scalable and easy. And this framework works with these tasks perfectly. My main secret in teaching is friendly relationships with my students. Teaching has to build on the model: “Equal to equal”. I spend my free time with my family. I love playing hockey and football.



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