Maksym Somushkin


August 07

I like solving difficult issues, learning something new. I love to work both ways – remotely and in the team. When I organize my work I love chaos and creativity.


I used to work as a Full Stack-developer and decided that Front-End is more interesting for me. I love to create and see beautiful results. Front-End is full of this creativity. The user interacts, sees, hears, and feels the client part.


As a teacher I work strictly but I also love to joke. My students – they also have to do both, the have to absorb knowledge and relax. I do not like punishment or prizes. If the person doesn’t want to study – she doesn’t pay attention to it. I see how hard is to switch from another field to IT. I love to make this switching easier for people.


I think that If you want to have something you have to take it. Don’t wait for it to fall down from the sky.

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