Aleksandr Vasiliev


October 05

I used to work for CamoIT, Geeksforless, and as a freelancer. Now I work at OCW and teach at Beetroot Academy. I am also the co-founder of Bmple IT-startup and pop core’n clothing brand.

I chose Front-End development 10 years ago. All the positions were called “HTML-coder” back then. You could practically become an IT specialist after a 2-month Html & CSS course without much effort.

I’ve enjoyed building and constructing things since I was a kid. Now my job is related to designing complex user interfaces, so pretty much nothing has changed. I am in love with both the process and the results.

There’s always time for jokes and humor in my lessons. I give real-life examples and share technologies and languages used in Front-End.

In my free time I travel, meet my friends, play computer games, and do puzzles. But more than anything I love learning something new.

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