How we spent last year

There is time to make plans. There is time to sum them up. And then there is time to share…

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How love and programmers will save the world

When we ask beginner programmers to describe a typical web developer, most of them imagine the Mark Zuckerberg-like type: a…

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Must-reads for any JavaScript developer

Eric Elliot is a big fan of JavaScript books. In a blog post, he shares his own list of books…

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Girls in IT
How gender stereotypes are still affecting women in tech

Fifty years ago, computer scientist Dr Grace Hopper reported that there was a surge in female programing, saying that women…

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Come over to the dark side: Darth Vader chooses WordPress!

WordPress is the most popular content management system for websites of all forms and shapes. One of the most common…

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The teachers shook my brain, which was tired of the routine. Can’t say what subject was my favorite, all of them were unique and beautiful.

Rusin Sviatoslav, Poltava