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Beetroot Academy operates as a non-profit social enterprise. Our main indicator of success is social impact we create. What makes us different from other non-profits is that we are finacially self-sustainable.



Foster Ukrainian socio-economic development by helping people build successful careers in IT.

IT industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in global economics. By getting a job in the digital economy, Ukrainians can secure themselves a stable income and a profession that will be in high demand for many years to come, thus helping to build a strong local economy.


Our impact


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How IT education changes lives?

Sustainable livelihoods: Average incomes in Ukrainian IT industry are 5 times higher than the average income in the country

We teach practical skills that are relevant today and tomorrow.

Our graduates are now connected to the global economy, their expertise is demanded not only in Ukraine, but on the global market

Step by step IT is facilitating the transformation of Ukraine, towards a knowledge economy

Strategic partners

In 2018, we launched our most ambitious project yet, based on a vision that in the 21st century everyone should have the opportunity to have a successful career in the Digital Economy, and that this should not depend on who you are or where you live. This 3-year project with support from Sweden, has the goal of training more than 3 000 Ukrainians in IT across 20 Beetroot Academy IT schools, out of which 10 will be launched as part of this project. Additionally, this project and the support from Sweden, will enable us to develop technical and non-technical IT courses, to help train more specialists that the Ukrainian IT industry needs in order to grow. On top of that this project will also be a launching platform for our Entrepreneurship course, which is designed to help Ukrainians start a business in the Digital Economy. The goal of this project is to support the overall socio-economic growth in Ukraine, by providing access to high-quality and practical IT training, designed to help people start a career in the industry, which will provide immediate livelihood improvements, grow the local IT communities, as well as bringing in more capital to local economies.

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In 2020 Arma Nostra has supported another 36 conflict-affected Ukainian families, by funding scholarships for one family member to attend Beetroot Academy IT courses, on their first step of starting a career in IT, to improve the livlihood of their family. The funds for this year's donations were raised at the 2019 annual Ioco Arma Nostra fundraiser, which was also dedicated to support Ukrainian families affected by the war.

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In 2018 we continued our succesful cooperation with the Estonian Development Cooperation with a new project, this time in partnership with Garage48 and YEP. The goal of the project was to support more women to enter IT, provide new livelihood opportunites for conflict-affected people, and support local entrepreneurs. The project targeted Kharkiv, and as part of the activities Beetroot Academy opened a IT school in the city and provided IT training for 90 people, out of which more than 40% were women. On top of that our Beetroot Academy was a partner of the Garrage48 event Hack-a-Train, which was a 3-day hackathon on a train, starting in Maiupol and ending in Lviv.

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In 2018 we launched a project for Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Slovyansk and other communities in the region, supported by USAID. The goal of the project was to train 48 pesons fom the targeted communties, in either Front-End, Back-End or UI/UX Design course. The outcome of this project was to provide new and sustainable livelihood opportunities for the beneficaries, as specialists in IT, which overall supports the general stabilization and sustainability of the local economies in the region.

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To provide opportuntities for improved livlihoods and to grow the local IT communitity, the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) funded scholarships for 10 students from Kramatorsk to study at Beetroot Academy.

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In 2017 we launched a project in cooperation with the Estonian Refugee Council, supported by the Estonian Development Cooperation. The goal of the project was to provide pracital IT training for Ukrainians who live in conflict-affected areas or have IDP status. As part of the project Beetrot Academy opened two IT schools, in Zaporizhia and Mariupol, and a total of 118 scholarships were provided for the Front-End Development and UI/UX Design courses.

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After succesfully teaching our first two groups of students in 2014, with support from the People of Japan and UNDP, we provided IT training for 30 Ukrainians with IDP status in Poltava. As part of this project we also developed a carerer counseling module for our courses, to further support our students, and improve our graduates the employment rate in IT.

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Our first ever project, which helped us kickstart Beetroot Academy back in 2014. With support from Sweden, together with our first teacher Alexey Kaliujnii we developed our first two pilot courses, Front-End Development and WordPress. In total 24 persons in Poltava with IDP status were trained using these two pilot courses, and all participants found a job in IT post-graduation.

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