Python for beginners

4 months • part-time course

This simple and convenient for learning language will help you master the basics of programming and will start your way into the big IT world.

Learn the basics concepts of programming

Having clear and precise syntax, Python is an easy-to-learn language that opens great opportunities for developing in different spheres of IT. Python covers a lot of functionality straight off the bat and has a large community of developers ready to share their knowledge. Apart from that there are vast amounts of external libraries covering everything - from web frameworks to data science - to get your teeth into. Video materials are in English language, practical lessons are conducted in Ukrainian language.

After finishing this course you’ll get not only a solid foundation in Python, but a basis for studying QA automation, big data and even some computer science knowledge. You will learn core programming concepts such as OOP, data structures, algorithms and recursion. At the end of this course you will have programmed your own 2D game, a client to server chat and API connected application.

theory (video)

16 hours


100 hours

english lessons

32 hours

career guidance

8 hours

For whom is this course?

This course suits the beginners interested in development, QA automation, Big Data and web programming.

Real preparation

These are a few concrete reasons why Beetroot Academy probably helps you prepare better for your future career than other institutions.

Learn like never before

We offer a complete, directly applicable education for today's IT market. Its practical nature will help you tackle real challenges.

Up-to-date education

Our experienced teachers work as developers today, and are up to date with the latest trends and knowledge.

The full package

Being prepared for the real world is important. We provide professional career consulting from HR-specalists.

What you’ll learn

module 1
Python basics, data structures, functions, conditional statements, loops, and I/O

1. Python - first steps

2. Variables and simple data types

3. Booleans and conditionals

4. Creating a simple console application

5. Lists, tuples, and sets

6. Loops and iterations

7. Dictionaries and comprehensions

8. Functions

9. Files I/O

module 2
Python OOP + Unit Testing

1. Classes, Scope, and Namespaces

2. Inheritance

3. Polymorphism

4. Functions as first-class objects

5. Decorators

6. Property decorators and recap

7. Iterators and generators

8. Unit testing

module 3
Libraries, recursion, data structures and algorithms + exceptions

1. Modules

2. Standard library

3. Recursion

4. Data structures

5. Algorithm basics pt. I

6. Algorithm basics pt. II

7. Exceptions

module 4
Python project - creating a game and packaging for distribution

1. Practice - Version control

2. Introduction to PyGame

3. Creating a game pt. I - Walkthrough with refactoring and git

4. Creating a game pt. II

module 5
Concurrency, Networking, and web access

1. Threads

2. Networking

3. Creating a chat - practice and walkthrough

4. Regular expressions

5. Accessing the web

6. Introducing API’s

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