Course UI/UX design

UI/UX design

4 months

Course authorMaria Yushchuk

3 June 2022


Within our course, you will start developing successful digital products that will appeal to customers and consumers. You will learn basic UX skills: client briefing; user research; building information architecture; sketching, and creating interactive prototypes.


You will also master the basics of UI, visual language of products: you will learn how to work with a modular grid, composition principles, typography, and color combinations. Your teacher will help you define some modern design patterns and find the best ways to implement them in your work. You’ll be able to create responsive websites for different devices.


During the course, you will work on several projects for your portfolio. Upon completion, you will create a good-looking and convenient website that you’ll present at the graduation event.

Required skills

- You know your goals and motivation for completing the course

- You can allocate ~20 hours per week for studies

- Your level of English allows you to read theory resources (at least with an online translator).

- You can find the information you need online and get the most out of it

- You know how to check the accuracy and relevance of information

- You are on friendly terms with your computer, so you can find the task manager or install Zoom on your own


Why UI/UX design?

  • This is the main creative outlet in the IT field
  • It’s demanded — more than 100 vacancies for UI/UX designers appear on every month
  • Easy transition to related specializations — product designer, UX/CX researcher, full-stack designer
  • UI/UX solves business problems since a designer simplifies users’ lives

Course program

Main course modules and lessons for this course.

  • UX design

    34 h • 13 topics
    • Introduction to the course. UI/UX designer profession. Types of sites
    • Basics of Design Thinking. UX strategy
    • Working with a brief: mind mapping and information architecture
    • UX research: competitor analysis
    • UX research: personas and empathy maps
    • UX research: customer journey map and user flow
    • Prototyping: site elements and sketching
    • Prototyping: wireframing
    • Testing: in-depth interviews, surveys, card sorting
    • UX research: web analytics
    • UX research: A/B testing
    • UX portfolio. UX exam
    • Lesson zero. Get to know everyone
  • Designer's instruments: Figma and Photoshop

    24 h • 9 topics
    • Introduction to Figma. First month retrospective
    • Figma. Access by link. Comments. Frames
    • Figma. Working with shapes. Alignment. Fill, stroke, gradient.
    • Figma. Pen & Pencil. Reproduction of illustrations
    • Figma. Working with text. Working with raster and correcting
    • Figma. Masks. Effects
    • Photoshop. Workspace. First steps. Brushes. Blend mode
    • Photoshop. Image retouching. Cutting tools
    • Photoshop. Image retouching (patch, clone stamp)
  • UI and visual design for web interfaces

    32 h • 12 topics
    • Composition basics
    • Color theory
    • Fonts
    • Modular grids
    • Typography in web
    • Visual hierarchy. Styles in design
    • Icon design in Figma
    • Site elements. UI kit
    • Interactive prototype in Figma
    • Components and plugins in Figma
    • Creating a design system
    • Landing Page
  • Adaptive design and prototyping

    12 h • 5 topics
    • Responsive design: design for different devices
    • Adaptivity: tablet version. Auto layout in Figma
    • Prototyping: mockups
    • Transferring files to developers. Zeplin
    • Customer-designer conversation
  • Final project

    28 h • 10 topics
    • Project work: mind map and competitor analysis
    • Project work: information architecture and site structure
    • Project work: creating personas/empathy maps
    • Project work: sketch and wireframe
    • Project work: working with texts
    • Project work: completion of the prototype
    • Project work: design concept
    • Project work: homepage UI
    • Project work: UI of the main pages
    • Project work: adaptive
  • Personal brand and portfolio creation

    10 h • 4 topics
    • Portfolio preparation
    • Project on Behance
    • CV. LinkedIn
    • Graduation event

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Course content


total hours

Practice in class
During group classes, you will complete practical tasks and work on projects in a team and independently. The teacher will provide feedback and hints, help you understand the theory, and guide you through practice.
Theory and homework
That is an average amount of time you'll need to work through the theory before classes and do the home assignments after classes to practice new skills. You will find both theory and homework in our LMS.
Strong English is a must for communicating within a global team, reading documentation, and talking to clients. Our qualified teachers will teach you to be international in the additional English module.
Career guidance
Our specialists will share insights on where to look for vacancies in your field, some theory about CVs, writing letters, and passing interviews. You will also have a practice lesson with feedback and a Q&A session.


Liubov Malykhina

UI/UX Designer at Awesomic

4 years of experience in design. Worked for Sorenim

Yulia Korzh

Senior UI/UX Designer at Snap for Information Technology

5+ years of experience in design. Worked as a freelancer for some time, then for Snap for Information Technology

Alyona Chepil

UI/UX designer at Nerdysoft

5 years of experience in design. Worked for InVerita, Bambook

Alice Zavarina

UI/UX Designer at Ukrenergo Digital Solutions

4+ years of experience in design. Worked for NPC Ukrenergo, Sandu, Vima and as a freelancer

Lessons schedule

  • Monday

    19:00 - 21:00

  • Wednesday

    19:00 - 21:00

  • Saturday

    10:00 - 14:00

Practical skills for your future career

You will get

  • 53 teacher-led sessions
  • 3 times/week
  • Life time access to course materials
  • Certificate of completion

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Alumni's feedback

I completed the online UI/UX design course in December of 2020 and would like to share my experience. It was an extraordinary half a year! I discovered a new promising profession and fell in love with UI/UX design thanks to Yehor's exceptionally sophisticated teaching. I want to thank him for his patience and attention, the knowledge he shared, and the fantastic atmosphere in classes! I can't help mentioning the strong English teachers as well. Anna Doroschuk is a truly talented teacher. I reanimated my English with her, and now I'm using it a lot in my corporate communication. Thanks to Beetroot Academy for believing in me! ❤

Kateryna Klymenko
UI/UX design course graduate

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