28 August 2020


QA Manual

2 months


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You don’t necessarily need to write code to start an IT career — you can check it instead. The quality of a product and the success of the team lie on the shoulders of the tester. If you enjoy evaluating a product as a whole, you have critical thinking skills, and you’d like to fix errors — we’ve got a course for you. That is QA Manual.

Even without any technical training, you will acquire the necessary knowledge about the QA profession. In this course, you will learn to find defects, write bug reports, compose test cases, checklists, and master test plans using the test design techniques. You’ll be able to conduct mobile testing, will get the hang of network basics, learn to calculate risks, and write autotests. You’ll become familiar with an all-purpose QA vocabulary as well as compile a portfolio. In the end, you will have a test interview with us and become ready to search for a new job.

Required skills

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Knowledge of testing theory will be a benefit

Why QA Manual?

  • QA is the second most demanded IT profession with a low entry threshold.
  • No advanced knowledge is required to start working in QA, basic education is enough.
  • QA opens doors to any other subfield such as PM, development, or business analysis.
  • Testers are the first ones to see the new software, get their hands on new apps, and learn the news of the field.


Course content

78 h

Total hours

72 h


During lessons, you’ll solve real-life cases with your teacher. You’ll work individually or in groups together with your colleagues.


total hours



Hourly 89

You can pay monthly or for the full course

25 lessons

Balanced program is designed to maximize learning efficiency

3 times a week

2 hours on work days and 4 hours on weekends

Course program

Below are the main modules and lessons.
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Fundamental theory of testing and its application.Test control systems and bug tracking systems

22 h

  • What is testing and why is it important? Core ISTQB Standards
  • SDLC & STLC. Software development methodologies
  • Working with specifications. Analyzing and writing specifications
  • Test documentation. Test Plan, Checklist, Test Suite, Test Case. Documents that are created upon testing
  • Levels and types of testing
  • Testing techniques (White-Box & Black-Box)
  • The practice of applying the Black-Box test design technique. Part 1
  • The practice of applying the Black-Box test design technique. Part 2
  • Working with bug tracking systems such as JIRA
  • Test control systems (TestRail, TestLink)
  • Practice of using test design techniques. White Box
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Testing web applications, web services, and mobile testing

12 h

  • Testing user interfaces (GUI). Web applications testing
  • Web basics (HTML, CSS). Xpath and СSS selectors. Character Encoding
  • API testing. JSON vs XML. REST vs SOAP
  • API testing with Postman. Testing API with SOAP UI
  • API testing with SOAP UI
  • Basics of testing mobile apps
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Databases. Intro to SQL

6 h

  • Intro to SQL. Relational databases. SELECT operator
  • Intro to SQL. Comparison predicates, aggregate functions
  • Intro to SQL. Join operations, nested requests and JOIN statements
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Basics of traffic analysis, load and automated testing. Preparing for an interview.

10 h

  • Working with Wireshark and Fiddler traffic analyzers
  • Load testing basics with Apache Jmeter
  • Writing autotests with Selenium WebDriver
  • Getting ready for an interview
  • Exam
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Павло Матченко

QA Manual Teacher

В IT-сфері я працюю більше двох років. Пройшов шлях від тестувальника до тренера/ментора для колег-новачків у компанії Ubisoft. Викладав там основи контролю якості. У Unity Bars тестував фінансовий і банківський софт. Сьогодні ми можемо вибирати з-поміж безлічі технологічних гаджетів і послуг. Однак саме якість робить продукт особливим, виділяє його серед схожих товарів, а користувачів робить щасливими. Завдання тестувальника — перевірити функції продукту на відповідність із заявленими характеристиками, виявити неточності, помилки і запропонувати варіанти щодо їх усунення. Мене надихає те, що мої знання і навички у цьому напрямку допомагають талановитим junior-спеціалістам стати ще кращими. У викладанні я прагну створити неформальну атмосферу, наповнювати програму навчання реальними і зрозумілими прикладами. На мій погляд, так матеріал ефективніше засвоюється і запам'ятовується на довгі роки. Вільний час я присвячую родині і самоосвіті. Захоплююся фотографією. Особливо допомагає перезавантажувати мозок зйомка глибокого космосу.

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The course passed easily and free of hassle. The teacher always supported us and answered any questions we had, even those which weren't really planned for the course. Our Regional Coordinator cheered us up and never allowed us to give up. I would definitely recommend Beetroot Academy to my friends and acquaintances.

Tania Nikitchenko
Alumni, Vinnytsia

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