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Do you want to work in IT and to manage a team? We will teach you to lead projects with Agile, to organize work, and to communicate with customers.

You will get a new profession from scratch. You will know what is a project and how different projects can be. You will figure out the goal of the project manager and to learn project planning. Also, you will be able to count spendings and to evaluate risks. We will tell you how Agile and Scrum work – from the values and planning to the tools. The course is with gamification – you will work on projects by yourself and in the team. As a result, you will get all the knowledge to become a certified Scrum Master

Required skills

  • English: intermediate

Why Project Management in IT?

  • It’s a low entry threshold for the PM 
  • You are the key person on a project and you can affect the result directly 
  • You can work in IT without a technical background 
  • You will establish a software development process and organize a team 
  • With the use of Agile, you will be able to work on any project despite on the technology

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Course program

Main course modules and lessons for this course. You can download full course description to your email.

  • General knowledge about project and Waterfall stages

    10 h 5 topics
    • What is a Project. How to kick-start a project. Project Charter
    • Methodologies of development. Waterfall, Agile, Extreme Programming
    • Value proposition. MVP. Pitch
    • IT companies’ scope of activity, types of products
    • Ukrainian and world IT market: distinctive features and trends
  • Agile and the core principles of Agile

    6 h 3 topics
    • Agile Values
    • Agile Umbrella. Heart of Agile
    • Agile Project Manager. Responsibilities
  • Scrum Framework

    20 h 11 topics
    • Gherkin Syntax
    • Scrum Artifacts
    • Scrum Team Roles
    • Scrum Events. Stand-ups
    • User Stories
    • Effective product backlogs. MoSCoW Prioritization Model
    • Sprint-planning
    • How to do Remote Retrospective
    • Scrum.Org PSM I
    • What is Scrum?
    • Tracking Progress: Team Burndown and Story Mapping
  • Soft skills how to work with the team

    10 h 4 topics
    • How to work with problematic or toxic teams
    • Commitments and Core Protocols
    • How to perform 1 on 1
    • How to give feedback
  • Soft skills how to work with customers

    10 h 5 topics
    • How to work with difficult stakeholders?
    • Email Correspondence
    • How to work with stakeholders?
    • What is change management?
    • Change management Frameworks and how to work with them
  • DevOps Culture

    4 h 2 topics
    • Deployment Process, Local, QA, Stage, Production, Environment
    • Continuous integration and Continuous deployment
  • Jira, Trello and other PM tools

    10 h 4 topics
    • Jira
    • Trello
    • Gantt chart
    • Other PM tools: to-do apps, Asana, GitLab, etc.

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Course content


total hours

111 h

Total hours

32 h

English lessons

IT world speaks the English language and you can’t go far without it. Our teachers will help you master the professional IT language.


Oleksii Kravchenko

Project Management Teacher

I work as a Head of Delivery of AVI-SPL project at Evolve. In my work, I enjoy the ability to influence the situation directly. My approach to teaching is to define the goal and aim towards it with a minimum of formality.

Oleh Iatskevich

Project Management Teacher

I’m a scrum master on HYS enterprise. Before that, I worked as a project manager at Solar Digital. I think I’m a good leader. Love communicating with people and get feedbacks. I believe that lessons should be interactive, consist of practical examples and be funny. I love good movies.

Taras Gubernat

Project Management in IT Teacher

I have devoted nine years to the IT industry. During this time, I worked with American companies in the retail and healthcare sectors. I led teams from 1-2 people to 30 employees. I have experience in conducting niche and large-scale projects of different complexity. There was product development from scratch and support, expansion of existing functionality, product implementation in internal departments of companies. In my work I use the methodologies of Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall. Now I work as a Project Manager at SoftServe. I am involved at all stages of the project: from planning the duration of work, budget, team selection to closing the project. I definitely control the time and scope of performed work, and report on the running costs. I regularly communicate with clients. Helping the team to hear the client, and the business to get the desired product within the promised timeframe and at the agreed cost is the greatest value of my work. From the perspective of a project manager, IT is not so much about technology as about people. Working with programmers is inspiring, because I get involved in creating innovative solutions. I have already taught offline. Online learning is fundamentally different from traditional learning, and for me it is an incredibly interesting challenge. Teaching and checking homework is time consuming. When there is a free hour, I study and sleep off. I love travelling.

Oleh Yasinetsky

Oleh Yasinetsky

Project Management in IT TEACHER

I started my way in IT four years ago in development - C # and .Net. Then I became interested in project management. I have been working in this area for more than three years. First at Artjoker, WorkNest and Roobykon. Currently I work at P2H outsourcing company. I wanted to master process management and decision-making. I start working with projects from the presale stage, defining the basic requirements. Then I conduct business analysis and finally I release the ready product. I distribute tasks within the team, monitor and control the process, and solve financial issues. Other responsibilities include preparing the Requirement Matrix, describing the logic of working with SRS documentation, Risk Management, and clarifying the final assessment. I cooperate with customers from the USA, Canada, England, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Austria, Australia. The main advantage of PM's work is that you can see the whole project development process. I enjoy the opportunity to organize the development work, prepare other activities and establish interaction between developers and clients. It's great to observe the team moving according to the plan. Working with people is one of the most difficult and at the same time interesting tasks. Empathy is definitely needed, as without it, you cannot set up a suitable microclimate in the team. PM is partly a creative person, but you have to be ready and make a UX prototype yourself, understand how to arrange this or that block in Axure or Figma. I have been teaching Project Management in IT for over a year now. I also consider the success of students and the emergence of new specialists on the labor market to be my own. A future manager should be tech-savvy, able to work with data, seek information, and communicate easily with the team. I devote my free time to football, reading books, travelling.

Olha Semusheva

Project Management Teacher

I work for Steelkiwi, my skills are useful here, and they appreciate my ideas. I have always been interested in cooperation, not only doing my job by following the instruction. I love helping people to become happier. I love observing the project going through all the stages, from the idea to the working product. While teaching, it is essential to listen, not just hear. Real cases are important, not only a cold theory. And there is always a place for humor. Once I’ve heard from one developer the phrase which completely describes my work approach. He said: “I love you, Semusheva, because you can use both: a carrot and a stick. And always in time”.


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