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Course authorRoman Nikiforov

12 March 2021

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26 March 2021

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If you’re already dealing with JavaScript, you might have noticed how fast modern-day user interfaces are. That is all thanks to frameworks and libraries. Amongst them is React, a library for creating user interfaces.


Completing our course will make you fully armed with all React nuances, including:

  • using classes and functions for creating apps
  • using react hooks for creating custom hooks
  • managing the state of an application
  • render props patterns, compound components, HOC 
  • using global context
  • optimizing apps using caching and correct component placement
  • using the react-query library (Performant and powerful data synchronization for React)
  • unit-testing of React components 
  • the future of React — Suspense and Concurrent UI Patterns
  • creating projects with React and Redux together with your teacher

Required skills

  • SASS preprocessors
  • JavaScript data types, syntax, constructs, and function basics
  • Working with the DOM
  • The event model in JavaScript
  • Working with AJAX requests in JavaScript

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Why React?

  • According to DOU, JavaScript is the most popular programming language nowadays.
  • Aside from web development, JavaScript can be used as a server language to create desktop apps. The Next.js, GatsBy, and Electron frameworks are meant for that.
  • Mastering React will make you a skilled JavaScript developer.
  • React allows you to code like Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb developers, and be sure the technology won’t go out of fashion. By the way, we use React, GraphQL, and GatsBy on our website.
  • With a React background, you can study React Native on your own and develop apps for gadgets.

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Course program

Main course modules and lessons for this course. You can download full course description to your email.

  • JavaScript

    14 h 6 topics
    • Variable scopes + Functions as higher order elements
    • JavaScript closures + Practical using of closures
    • Regular expressions
    • ES syntax 6, 7, 8
    • Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript. Prototypes, using ES syntax
    • Asynchronous JavaScript
  • Creating applications with React

    50 h 10 topics
    • Introduction to React
    • Using the React library to сreate a user interface
    • Higher Order Components
    • React hooks
    • Films Project. Part 1
    • Films Project. Part 2
    • Films Project. Part 3
    • Project Films. Part 4
    • Films Project. Part 5. Сode refactoring
    • Testing basics. Jest framework
  • Redux

    14 h 3 topics
    • Using Redux library in projects. Courses Project.
    • Redux. Mini-project Books
    • Redux. Мини проект Books

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Course content


total hours

70 h

Total hours

64 h


During lessons, you’ll solve real-life cases with your teacher. You’ll work individually or in groups together with your colleagues.

Lessons schedule

  • Monday

    19:00 - 21:30

  • Wednesday

    19:00 - 21:30

  • Friday

    19:00 - 21:30


Roman Nikiforov

Advanced JavaScript / React Author & Teacher, Front-End Teacher

I’ve been programming for over 19 years now. My main stack is PHP, JavaScript (including React, Vue, Node.js). The IT field is a never-ending quest for new knowledge, technologies, and optimal solutions. I approach my projects systematically, while my teaching methods are primarily creative. I don’t allow fooling around during classes, but humor and questions are very welcome. I praise my students for the right solutions, yet making mistakes trains them the best. I firmly believe that practice makes perfect.


Yevhen Kozynskyi

Advanced JavaScript/React Teacher

I have an Engineering Technology degree. I started my career as a programmer in 2015. First, I worked as a C # fullstack developer in an outsourcing company. Later, I changed it for a product company, where I still work as a frontend developer. As a backend developer I worked with .net / C #, mssql. Now I use react, angularjs typescript, redux, testing. I have experience in nodejs for writing clients. I try to stick to the concepts of the functional programming paradigm. Why do you like my occupation? It is difficult to explain. This is some kind of inexplicable inner interest. I have always been fascinated by computer science. All my life I have come across programming in one way or another. I have to admit that during my studies at the university I slightly forgot this hobby :) But when I decided to try programming, my eyes lit up again, and I set myself the goal to study at all costs. I have teaching experience, training one, if to be precise. I worked as an instructor in the sports club. During the day I was a programmer, and in the evening, like Batman, I turned into a coach :) Programming remains both a job and a hobby for me. I also like playing computer games, working out in the gym to keep balance with my intellectual and physical strength.


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