Course Front-End Development Extended

Front-End Development Extended

5 months

Course authorTatiana Naumenko, Oleksei Kaliuznii, Victor Dehtiarev

29 September 2021

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This is the most successful Beetroot Academy course for anyone willing to take the first steps in Front-End Development. It consists of theoretical and practical lessons. The gained knowledge will help you master the profession independently and speak the IT community's (and developers') language.


The course has a project-based approach at its core: each topic is a puzzle that contributes to the final work. During the HTML/CSS module, students build the site structure and style it using CSS. Then they add functionality in the JavaScript module, making it user-friendly and SEO-optimized. And lastly, they apply the Vue.js framework to the side in the final module.


As a result, students create their own project, mastering the basics of the profession. After training, we recommend our students for internships and employment to partner companies. And for further development we offer a free video course on React.js Basics.

Required skills

- Experienced PC users;

- Basic understanding of how code works as well as HTML & CSS;

- Coding experience will be a bonus.


After the course, students will be able to:


- Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating websites and web applications;

- Apply best practices to make a web app accessible and optimized for search engines;

- Have modern tools and frameworks at their fingertips to administer and deploy a web app;

- Start a career of a Front-End developer with a visualized portfolio for clients;

- Switch to any development area having the Front-End knowledge at hand.


Course program

Main course modules and lessons for this course.

  • HTML & CSS

    70 h • 26 topics
    • What is a website? Work process setup. Introduction to HTML
    • Semantics, links, and HTML5 tags
    • Form building HTML
    • Git — working via console
    • Git — version control system
    • Figma
    • Introducing CSS
    • CSS-selectors
    • CSS Box Model
    • BEM methodology (Block-Element-Modifier)
    • HTML Tables
    • Flexible Box Layout — Flexbox
    • Web Fonts, Font Face
    • CSS position and transform
    • Form styling CSS
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
    • Working with pre- and postprocessors
    • Responsive web design (RWD)
    • Responsive navigation
    • Adaptive graphics
    • CSS Grid Layout
    • CSS animation
    • Practice. Part 1
    • Practice. Part 2
    • SEO for developers
    • Project 1. First website with HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript

    64 h • 24 topics
    • JavaScript basics
    • Data types and operators
    • Loops and conditions
    • Functions. Part 1
    • Functions. Part 2
    • Objects
    • Arrays
    • Advanced usage of arrays
    • Practice
    • Document Object Model (DOM). Part 1
    • Document Object Model (DOM). Part 2
    • DOM+Events
    • Events. Part 1
    • Events. Part 2
    • Practice
    • Strings and regular expressions
    • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). Part 1
    • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). Part 2
    • WebStorage
    • Custom maps with Google Maps API
    • Introducing jQuery
    • Overview of JS plugins: sliders, lightboxes, filters
    • Practice
    • Project 2. Architecture — a basic website + JS
  • Front-End frameworks and plugins

    32 h • 12 topics
    • Gulp. An open-source set of JavaScript tools
    • Introducing Webpack, an open-source JavaScript module bundler
    • JS Classes. Part 1
    • JS Classes. Part 2
    • Introduction to Vue.js, a JavaScript framework
    • Vue - Rendering
    • Vue - Components
    • Front-End frameworks overview: Bootstrap, Foundation
    • Vue.js practice + CSS framework. Part 1
    • Vue.js practice + CSS framework. Part 2
    • Vue.js practice + CSS framework. Part 3
    • Project 3 — Responsive Website with JS

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Сareer counseling
Specialist ins HR will help you understand the local IT market, teach you how to write a compelling CV and will guide you through an interview process.
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Ivan Vasylenko

Front-End Developer at Yellow Stone

3+ years in development. Worked for Navicom, Black square

Viktor Dehtiarov

Magento Front-End Developer at Smile Ukraine

3+ years in development. Worked for Smile Ukraine. Have been working in IT for over 20 years

Vadim Veremeychik

Front-End Dev / FrontOps at insurance

5+ years in development. Worked for, MyRig

Roman Nikiforov

Full-Stack Developer: JS & PHP

19+ years in development. Worked mainly as a freelancer

Lessons schedule

  • Monday

    19:00 - 21:30

  • Wednesday

    19:00 - 21:30

  • Saturday

    10:00 - 13:00

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  • 62 teacher-led sessions
  • 3 times/week
  • Life time access to course materials
  • Graduation event with partner companies
  • Certificate of completion

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Alumni's feedback

Before I joined beetroot Academy, I had been self-taught, and I thought the Internet has nearly everything to become a Front-End developer from the get-go. And while that is kind of true, the course made me realise that the personal experience of a teacher, the breakdown of real-life cases, communication with like-minded people, and interesting tasks help to grow quicker than if you do it alone.

Yevhen Udovichenko
Front-End course graduate, Zaporizhia

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