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31 May 2021



In our course, you're going to study setting up a business in a digital economy. We have based the course program on the experience of Chalmers University of Technology, Drivhuset Scandinavian organization, and Aalto University in Finland. The Chalmers university methodology fueled the foundation of Beetroot and Beetroot Academy. Our methodology functions in Scandinavia and is being taught in Ukraine for the very first time. After the course completion, you'll acquire the tools for setting up a business and the experience of launching a startup. You're going to work under a teacher's guidance, both on your own and in a team. You'll be able to start a business without external resources and additional funding. Thanks to our Swedish partners, the students will also get the LOOPA book about business setup and development.

Required skills

  • 1+ years of business experience as an entrepreneur or an employee in the following fields: marketing, sales, PR, accounting, or any other administrative position.


  • 1+ years of experience in IT occupying a technical position, or technical knowledge and skills gained by completing relevant courses.

What will you get after the course?

  • A step by step methodology for setting up any business
  • An elaborate business model of your venture
  • An understanding of marketing, financial, and other aspects of running a business
  • A book on Swedish business development methodology
  • Bonus lessons

Course program

Below are the main modules and lessons.
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An Idea

8 h

  • Introduction
  • How to come up with an idea?
  • Target audience
  • Fieldwork no.1
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Making a Decision

8 h

  • What is a Value Proposition?
  • Client benefits and client roadmap
  • Fieldwork no.2
  • Fieldwork no.3
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The Market

4 h

  • Competitors
  • Partners and monetization
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Clients and Finances

4 h

  • Clients and sales
  • Financial modeling
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Preparing to Launch

4 h

  • Business Model Canvas: what have we achieved?
  • How to continue on your own?
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4 h

  • Extended pitch
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Kateryna Fainovska
Entrepreneurship Teacher
Oleksandr Soliavkun
Python & Back-End Teacher

Your way to IT

You will get

  • 16 teacher-led sessions
  • 2 times/week
  • Life time access to course materials
  • Graduation event with partner companies
  • Certificate of completion
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Run Business Development for Entrepreneurs

Authors: Mariah ben Salem Dynehäll, Anna Lärk Ståhlberg

LOOPA is based on the methodology developed by Drivhuset in collaboration with Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. This system works in Swedish colleges and helps entrepreneurs set up and run businesses, or look for alternative ways of implementing ideas. Thanks to the support, education, and creative environment, Drivhuset achieves remarkable results — over 1000 companies emerge in Sweden every year.

Gamified methodology: learn to set up a business

Unlike in other games, you won't be competing with your friends. Instead, you're going to team up and develop an idea into a valuable and useful product for clients. You'll go through all the stages of bringing a plan into action, and you'll face the real challenges. That allows you to test the feasibility of your decisions. Your team will understand which skills need improvement and what you lack to get the product close to perfection.

game education
game education

Students who complete the course successfully will get access to bonus hidden lessons on the following topics:

  • Setting up sales
  • Building a team and hiring employees

Each topic has a video lesson from an expert as well as a webinar with consulting possibilites

Learning methodology

Course presentation and author interview with our partner


  • What does the practical side of the course imply?

    The course includes some fieldwork, meaning some practical tasks that the students would have to perform aside from classes. Those tasks will be aimed at developing personal businesses and achieving real progress.

  • Who is the target audience for this course?

    The course is primarily for budding entrepreneurs who don’t have any functioning and profitable business.

  • Does one need to have an idea or an already running business?

    You don’t need an idea to enroll. If you do have one, you could work on implementing it during the course. If not, we’ll help you come up with something. If you’re already running a business, the course will make sense to you if you’d like to go back to entrepreneurship basics, make an unbiased evaluation of your business, and improve it.

  • How do you select your students?

    We base our choice around motivation and competence. Our goal is to help the students launch their very own businesses, so we pick people who already have experience in some industry. We believe that it could be valuable for getting started as an entrepreneur.

  • I’d like to create the new Facebook, can you help me?

    Our course is more for lifestyle business than for venture startups. But the knowledge and skills would be relevant for startup founders regardless.

  • What results will I achieve by the end of the course?

    You’re going to work through a personal business project and shape an idea of developing it further. You’ll also gain some practical skills to be used for any other businesses and projects.

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