10 June 2020


English for IT

4 months

intermediateAdrian Stefirta

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Whether you’re looking for a job as an IT professional or you’re already enrolled in the workforce, you probably know how important good English skills are in the grand scheme of things. We are an IT school connected with the IT company so our expertise is in the field of technical skills and business communication. Within this course, you’ll find out how to create a strong CV, do well at a job interview, and learn about the peculiarities of Project Management and the Internet of Things, while working on your grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. We use a holistic approach – you will improve tech English, soft skills in English and IT-understanding at the same time.

This course focuses on studying niche literature and improving the students’ speaking skills so that they can comfortably interact with their partners and colleagues from all over the world. It’s perfect if you are looking from where to start or where to grow.

Required skills

  • English: pre-intermediate

Why English for IT?

  • English proficiency is the factor that unites all IT professionals, employees and freelancers alike 
  • You'll get a better understanding of the IT field and the roles that comprise it 
  • You'll be able to freely communicate with your English-speaking colleagues and clients

Course content

104 h

Total hours

2 h

Video lessons

All theory is recorded as video lessons and saved on our LMS system. As a student you’ll have lifelong access to all video lessons.


total hours



Hourly 109

You can pay monthly or for the full course

42 lessons

Balanced program is designed to maximize learning efficiency

3 times a week

2 hours on work days and 4 hours on weekends

Course program

Below are the main modules and lessons.
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Organizations, Tech Trends, and the Growth of IT

50 h

  • Working across cultures
  • Creating a strong resume. Part 1
  • Creating a strong resume. Part 2
  • How to nail job interviews. Part 1
  • How to nail job interviews. Part 2
  • Organizational design: Flat or vertical?
  • Waterfall, Agile, and other methodologies. Which one is best? Part 1
  • Waterfall, Agile, and other methodologies. Which one is best? Part 2
  • Machine Learning
  • Should we be worried about AI?
  • Hackers. The good and the bad.
  • On creating ethical software. Time Well Spent. Part 1
  • Time well spent. On creating ethical software. Part 2
  • Working at a startup vs. working at a large company
  • The importance of UX design. Part 1
  • The importance of UX design. Part 2
  • What makes a good UI?
  • Applications of augmented reality
  • IT in business and marketing
  • IT in medicine
  • The Internet of Things. Part 1
  • The Internet of Things. Part 2
  • Coding in the modern world
  • Preparation for intermediate assessment: debates practice
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People in IT, Business, and Communication. Future of IT

34 h

  • The essential roles in IT: Business analysts
  • QA engineers
  • Product owners
  • Project managers
  • Developers
  • DevOps
  • C-suite officers (CEO/CTO/COO/CFO)
  • On startups and startup culture
  • E-commerce
  • Can Blockchain change the world?
  • Business communication. Part 1
  • Meetings and stand-ups
  • The future of IT. Part 1
  • Diversity and inclusivity in the workplace
  • Should we be worried about data privacy?
  • Final assessment
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Adrian Stefirta

Adrian Stefirta

English for IT Course Author

Language is immensely mysterious. It grows, it changes, and it shapes societies. My family has many teachers, linguists, and philologists, the passion for languages came early on. To me, teaching is one of the most meaningful things I can do to inspire change around me. It’s also amazing how instrumental certain languages are in improving an individual’s and a community’s wellbeing. Teaching should definitely become more altruistic. Drifting away from a life-long fixation on grades will have nothing but a positive impact on students. Whenever the course allows it, I get rid of any grading system and focus on each students’ individual issues. I currently run a small content agency, which allows me to work with a host of amazing people from all over the world. Besides that, I’m a part-time digital nomad and meditator.

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Oleksandr Vasylenko

English for IT teacher

I've been working as an Account Manager at Beetroot Ukraine for over a year now. In my work, I like communicating with people, constant personal and professional growth, exciting clients and projects, and a continuous sense of challenge. I've always considered IT an innovational field of development and implementation of new solutions. My job is tightly bound to the international market, which allows me to perfect my language skills. I have taught in language schools before. I prefer comprehensive approaches because it adds agility to teaching. I make sure to tailor the methodology to the needs of a group or a student. I focus on improving my English, and I've been recently working on a personal project.

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The course passed easily and free of hassle. The teacher always supported us and answered any questions we had, even those which weren't really planned for the course. Our Regional Coordinator cheered us up and never allowed us to give up. I would definitely recommend Beetroot Academy to my friends and acquaintances.

Tania Nikitchenko
Alumni, Vinnytsia

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