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Become a Full Stack developer

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Do you program in JavaScript and want to become a full-stack developer? It's time to learn Node.js – a software platform which will improve your skills. You will can to create all types of JavaScript applications outside the browser. Also, you will learn how to use the advantages of asynchrony outside the browser.

In this course, we will teach you to work with modules. We will explain how to create requests to NoSQL, in particular, the MongoDB database, both directly and using ORM Mongoose. You will work with Node.js on the server side and with React libraries to create user interfaces on the client side. As a result, you will develop a scalable application on a remote server.

What will you get?
  • Node.js
  • Node.js modules
  • MongoDB
  • NPM Express
Required skills
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of React for the test project

Why Node.js?

  • Node.js has a lot of libraries with an open source. You don\'t need to build everything from scratch
  • Node.js works asynchronously, so it allocates resources appropriately
  • Node.js is used by Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and PayPal

module 1
Introduction to Node.js. Parallel work model and EventLoop

1. What is Node.js? Node.js features overview

2. Node.js installation

3. How programs in Node.js work

4. What is the I/O?

5. Node.js asynchronous architect. The concept of the Event Loop

6. Call stack

7. Handling slow queries

8. How callback works

9. The first program on Node.js

10. Node.js global object

11. Modules in Node.js and their connection

12. Module searching algorithm

13. Module caching

module 2
Node.js Core. Working with the file system

1. Buffer

2. Timers

3. Reading directories and files

4. Recording files

module 3
Built-in modules. NPM. Utils module and working with the console

1. Utils module and working with the console

2. Path module

3. Process modules

4. Working with the NPM

5. Creating a file package.json

6. Package installation

7. Semantic versions of packages

8. Basic commands in NPM

9. Creating and placing your own module in the repository

10. Recreating your module in the repository

11. Error processing in Node.js

module 4
Events in Node.js

1. Events package

2. Creating a class that inherits from EventEmitter

3. Priorities for the performance of functions: process.nextTick, SetTimeout(), setImmediate()

4. An example of using events in your own code

5. Using the three methods for assign event listeners

6. Asynchronous call for event handlers

7. Deleting event handlers

module 5
Asynchronous JavaScript

1. Synchronous and asynchronous code

2. Callbacks

3. Promises

4. Async and Await

module 6
Work with HTTP requests

1. Introduction to the HTTP protocol

2. HTTP module

3. Creating the server

4. Browser headers

5. Processing incoming requests

6. Sending headers to the client

7. Sending the HTML of the page

8. Working with request parameters

9. Processing GET and POST requests

10. Sending from the page server by GET request.

11. Sending from the page server by POST request.

module 7
Introduction to the Express framework

1. Installing Express

2. Creating the first server

3. Routes in Express

4. Creating View files

5. EJS template engine

6. Transferring data in views

7. Transferring the form data to the server

8. Creating a project with the help of the Express generator

9. Middleware

module 8

1. MongoDB installation

2. CRUD document operations

3. Comparison operators

4. Logic operators

5. Searching in MongoDB by condition

6. Working with the Mongoose package

module 9

1. Server part RESTFull Api

2. Client part on React

3. Deploying the project to the remote server

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Roman Nikiforov

Advanced JavaScript Author & Teacher, Front-End Teacher

IT is constantly moving to new knowledge and technologies in the search for  an optimum solution. I work on projects systematically but in teaching I need creativity. I do not allow any fooling around in my lessons, but it's normal to joke and ask questions.   I praise my students for the right decisions. And mistakes help them learn. I love the saying that small strokes fell great oaks.

Students says:

Academy is neither a university nor a school. Nobody forces you to learn here. You do everything by yourself when it's comfortable. I’ve got a portfolio — worked in 4 projects and implemented the functionalities for two of them from scratch. As a result, I’ve found a job thanks to Beetroot Academy/

Safronov Ruslan, Kramatorsk, Developer WebWorks

For many years I`ve been working for the police. So, this is my first experience with this type of education. I'm grateful for changes in my life. Now I’m a web-designer.

Trubnikova Kristina, Mariupol

Everything I learned was useful in my job. Since the very beginning of the courses, I’ve made nearly 20 websites layouts. I was retouching photos, making vector illustrations, logos. Also, there are great parties in the Academy. I still communicate with my groupmates. And here I found my love.

Aristarkhova Ekaterina, Poltava, Designer AIT Inc

Things were comfortable and cozy at the lessons. After graduating, I got 3 projects for my portfolio. The 4th one was a test task for a studio. They hired me without an interview. I believed in myself because of Beetroot Academy.

Domme Anna, Kyiv

I knew that It's hard. But our awesome teacher helped us to survive with a smile. It was love from the first lesson and an unforgettable relationship for all 4 months. The knowledge I got was crucial for my job. I become more self-confident and saw a field with endless development open up for me.

Bryzhak Maryna, Poltava

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70% employment rate

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