Back-End Development

4 months

intermediateSergey Gerashchenko

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How do you create a large-scale website without using any ready platform? How do online shops and social networks work? We know answers to these questions and will tell you in our Back-End Development course.

We’ll show you all the processes inside a site: requests, data processing, user checking. You’ll learn how to code in PHP, use servers such as apache/nginx, and MySQL database server (DBMS). On this course you’ll learn how to solve difficult tasks. You will be able to sort data arrays without using ready algorithms and to make your own game.

Required skills

  • Base knowledge of site layout 
  • Base knowledge of how a site works

Why Back-End?

  • Start with Back-End and you will figure out how servers and Internet work 
  • You will be able to develop complex server solutions 
  • You will understand how games, mobile applications and complex sites work 
  • After finishing the course you will figure out the basics of programming, so you can learn any other programming language on your own

Course content

161 h

Total hours

32 h

English lessons

IT world speaks the English language and you can’t go far without it. Our teachers will help you master the professional IT language.


total hours


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Hourly 75
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44 lessons

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3 times a week

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Course program

Below are the main modules and lessons.
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Environment Setting

12 h

  • Vagrant-Machine Setting on the Base of Ubuntu/Xenial64
  • Apache2/PHP/MySQL Setting and Installing
  • Preparing IDE for Work with a PHP
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PHP Developing Introduction

24 h

  • Working with Variables
  • Type of Arrays in PHP
  • Work with Arrays (Operations, Sorting, Counting, Moving)
  • Conditions Based Decision Making
  • Repeating Actions with Iterations
  • Work with Files
  • Manipulation of Rows in PHP
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Functional Programming

9 h

  • Reuse Code in PHР
  • Creating your own Functions in PHP
  • Superglobals in PHP, Working with a Session
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Work with MySQL Databases

23 h

  • Database Design
  • Creating MySQL Databases
  • Utilities for Working with Databases (phpmyadmin)
  • Databases Users and Permissions
  • Creating Database Requests
  • Working with MySQL from PHP
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Object Oriented Programming

20 h

  • OOP Concepts
  • Creating classes, Attributes and Operations in PHP
  • Namespaces. Autoload Classes
  • Realization of Inheritance in PHP
  • Composer
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Frameworks (Laravel)

28 h

  • Introduction to Laravel. Framework Installing
  • Laravel project structure. The Basic Usage of an Artisan
  • Basic Routing
  • Migrations. Eloquent
  • First app (blog) Using Laravel
  • Middleware
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Serhii Geraschenko

Back-End Teacher & Author

I’m a team lead with LampDev. I’ve been a web-developer since 2010, and have worked with clients from dozens of countries. Within my company, I’ve taught more than 15 beginning developers. Some of them founded their small companies later. I love constantly developing – it’s not boring. When I started work, it was interesting to get outside of Back-End. And now, when teaching, I love to explain difficult things by way of simple examples. In my free time, I do sports.

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The course passed easily and free of hassle. The teacher always supported us and answered any questions we had, even those which weren't really planned for the course. Our Regional Coordinator cheered us up and never allowed us to give up. I would definitely recommend Beetroot Academy to my friends and acquaintances.

Tania Nikitchenko
Alumni, Vinnytsia

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