Front-End Development

4 months • part-time course

Learn to use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and GitHub to create fully responsive websites.

Break into web development

This course is focused on crafting responsive, adaptive, interactive and simply beautiful websites. You will explore the basics and secrets of HTML, CSS and JavaScript — three main coding languages used for building modern websites.

As a result of this course, you'll obtain the know-how and skills for pursuing a career as a Front-End developer.

theory (video)

16 hours


128 hours

english lessons

32 hours

career guidance

8 hours

This course is meant for people who want to work at the intersection of design and technology

Real preparation

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Learn like never before

We offer a complete, directly applicable education for today's IT market. Its practical nature will help you tackle real challenges.

Up-to-date education

Our experienced teachers work as developers today, and are up to date with the latest trends and knowledge.

The full package

Being prepared for the real world is important. We provide professional career consulting from HR-specalists.

I can confidently say that upon graduating, a new life started for me, full of fun events and acquaintances, as well as rewarding work.

Anastasia Kuznetsova, Front-end developer at Beetroot

What you’ll learn

module 1

1. Introduction to HTML

2. Setting developer's working environment

3. Introduction to CSS

4. CSS selectors

5. CSS Box Model

6. GitHub

7. Font Face

8. Methods of reseting borwsers\' styles: normalize.css and reset.css

9. Photoshop for Front-End

10. CSS positioning

11. Float

12. BEM methodology

13. Padding vs. Marging

14. Building forms

15. CSS networks

16. Flexbox

17. SVG

18. From PSD to HTML/CSS

19. CSS preprocessors

20. Working with remote server

21. Cross-browser compatibility

module 2

1. Introduction to JavaScript

2. Types of data and operations

3. Functions

4. Objects and blocks

5. Document Object Model

6. Events

7. Introduction to jQuery

8. Elements manipulation using jQuery

9. Interactive website using JavaScript and jQuery

10. Slick Slider – the most universal slider plugin

11. Customized maps through Google Maps API

12. AJAX

module 3

1. Responsive web design

2. Responsive navigation on websites

3. Gulp

4. CSS animations

5. SVG animations

6. Optimizing websites

7. Bootstrap

8. Foundation

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