7 October 2020

UI/UX Design from scratch

4 months

beginnerMaria Yushchuk

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In this course you will begin to know UI from UX. You will learn the difference between digital design and printed products design. You will learn the ageless principles of composition, typography, and color combinations. As a result you will be able to build adaptive sites for different devices.

We will teach you how to work with Adobe Photoshop and Figma. Also, we will tell you about the main stages of design thinking. As a result, you will make an appealing and usable website and will be able to show your project to the customer.

Required skills

  • Your laptop 
  • Installed Adobe Photoshop CC (English language version) 
  • Basic computer skills

Why UI/UX?

  • It’s the main creative profession in IT 
  • More than 100 job vacancies appear on each month 
  • UI/UX solves business problems – designer create a better user experience for customers

Course content

175 h

Total hours

32 h


IT world speaks the English language and you can’t go far without it. Our teachers will help you master the professional IT language.


total hours


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Hourly 91
Monthly 4538

You can pay monthly or for the full course

47 lessons

Balanced program is designed to maximize learning efficiency

3 times a week

We set up a lesson schedule for each group individually

Course program

Below are the main modules and lessons.
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24 h

  • Introduction lesson
  • Introduction to the UX. We start with the meaning
  • Work with brief and audience insights
  • Design research: Person portrait
  • Design research: Scenarios
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Introduction to web analytics + A/B testing
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12 h

  • Figma. Program installation
  • Figma. External link access. Project comments. Frame creation
  • Figma. Working with figures. Object alignment. Fill, stroke, gradient.
  • Figma. Pen & Pencil
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40 h

  • Icons
  • Figma. Work with text. Work with images and color correction
  • Figma. Masks. Effects.
  • Creating module grids in Figma
  • Typography in web
  • Color theory
  • UI components. What does the site consist of?
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Design system
  • Components and Plugins in Figma
  • Adaptive design
  • Adaptive design and constraints in Figma.
  • Types of sites. Landing page features.
  • Figma Interactive Prototype
  • Rules for files transfer to developers
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8 h

  • Photoshop. Introduction to the interface
  • Photoshop. Image Retouching
  • Ретушування зображення: (пластир, латка, Clone Stamp)
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Final project counseling

28 h

  • Deep practice по створенню сторінок сайту
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12 h

  • CV. LinkedIn. Creating pages + contact search
  • Portfolio
  • Working with Mockup
  • Behance. Registration. Design and creation one project on Behance
  • Practical tips for the designer career
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Mariia Yushchuk

Mariia Yushchuk

UI/UX Design from scratch Author

I teach students to argue for their decisions. I make them to gather good examples and teach them to present their works. The important part in learning is basic knowledge about business goals: how do they influence a design, why do you need to lean on goals when choosing your idea. When I have free time, I listen to rock operas, play poker, pass quests and take photos.

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The course passed easily and free of hassle. The teacher always supported us and answered any questions we had, even those which weren't really planned for the course. Our Regional Coordinator cheered us up and never allowed us to give up. I would definitely recommend Beetroot Academy to my friends and acquaintances.

Tania Nikitchenko
Alumni, Vinnytsia

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