Students Stories14/08/2020

New job and big ambitions. What do Beetroot Academy graduates do two years after studying?

Lectures, homework, correspondence with classmates until midnight and suddenly - graduation. With intensive training, time flies fast. It's sad at first, but it's the beginning of something bigger. Two years later, Beetroot Academy graduates learned new IT areas, discovered freelancers and reconsidered their attitudes to life.

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Students Stories17/01/2019

Succulents, ceramics, building materials: what do they have in common?

All these are themes of fresh works of our designers. Traditionally, at the end of the semester we select the most diligent graduates and show what they have learned in 4 months. Often students work on their own pain and solve their own problems. There is no convenient lingerie store - let's make a design. Tired of standard booking services - let's create a new one. We like to compare the previous place of work with the final project and guess which clients our Junior designers will have.

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