The next generation of IT specialists: How Beetroot Academy, in partnership with Sweden, trained more than 5300 people to work in IT

By the end of 2021, Beetroot Academy completed a three-year project in partnership with Sweden to contribute to socio-economic development by making impact-driven IT education available to more people in Ukraine and significantly lowering the threshold for anyone to start a career in tech.

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Is there a job? Give two. How to become a freelancer from scratch

For the first time in Georgia, you are invited to try local wine. How do you refuse here? Called to fly in a balloon? Of course, I'm already flying. Desperate entertainment is available to us. And yet - work from anywhere in the world. Do you want that? Read how to become a freelancer, and the first orders in your pocket.

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Smart cities, homes and cars: why do we need the Internet of Things

Are you reading this article from your smartphone or laptop? But your gadgets are capable of not only showing letters on the screen. Together with a coffee maker that brews espresso, or a fitness tracker on your hand, they can form the Internet of Things. If it is, of course, a smart coffee maker. It is the Internet of Things that allows you to start a car during breakfast or turn on a robot vacuum cleaner from a smartphone while sitting in the office.

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