2020 is the year of challenges and achievements. What the Beetroot Academy team did

Our world will no longer be the same as before. People are divided into two types: for some, 2020 has become a year of new opportunities, for others - a year of difficulties. Unequivocally, we all stopped for a while, exhaled and thought ... Let it be difficult, but look how much we managed in 2020!

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At the start, attention ... stay home

Within a few weeks, the work of IT companies has changed dramatically. Management moved all tasks online and sent staff home. Events are evolving at a sprint rate: some businesses are curtailing outsourcing and disbanding in-house teams. On the one hand - uncertainty. On the other hand, programmers need to make an effort to protect themselves from financial losses while sitting at home.

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Social entrepreneurship: how is business changing the world?

Giving the only correct definition of social entrepreneurship is as difficult as answering the questions: "What is love?", "What is the meaning of life?" and “How to learn C ++ in a month?”. There are almost as many definitions as there are social problems: hunger, poverty, violence, illiteracy, environmental catastrophe and much more.

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