Become a tester in two months? Challenge accepted. Revision of the online QA course

What is the perfect Friday night for you? Write some test cases and work with a bug-tracking system? "Wow, take it easy," you say. "I actually imagine sitting with friends." In fact, things are not as complicated as they seem. You can learn to test web and mobile applications in a couple of months. At the start of a QA career, it's not so much about technical skills as about involvement and perseverance. From this area, if desired, you can move on to programming, project management and business analysis.

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Interactive lessons and homework analysis: how we teach online

In 2014, Beetroot founder Andreas Flodstrom decided to open development courses in Poltava. 6 years have passed, the academy has started work in 18 cities of Ukraine, we have created 15 courses in technical and related areas. For the last year we have been constantly working on the LMS (Learning Management System) - we are developing our own product so that students can study theory at home and practice in class. We selected the best teachers, waited for students in the cozy offices of the academy. We talked, had coffee, discussed all issues. We conducted lectures and workshops, defended graduation projects and appreciated live communication. Quarantine has changed our approach and pushed us to go online. We talk about the new format of courses at Beetroot Academy - how students study now, how teachers work and what will happen offline after quarantine.

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