The next generation of IT specialists: How Beetroot Academy, in partnership with Sweden, trained more than 5300 people to work in IT

By the end of 2021, Beetroot Academy completed a three-year project in partnership with Sweden to contribute to socio-economic development by making impact-driven IT education available to more people in Ukraine and significantly lowering the threshold for anyone to start a career in tech.

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Why entrepreneurs learn business

Have you noticed how new stores open in the fall, promotions from different brands appear? Someone starts from scratch. Searching for clients and investors, working with partners, advertising - some will definitely not be bored this fall. Among such people are the first graduates of the course "Entrepreneurship". Alina Luchkina and Natalia Bondarenko told about their business projects. One is a beginner in business, the other is already experienced. What they have in common is a clear goal to launch unique services in Mariupol.

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You can't go far on creativity. How to conduct design research

Ready-made design solutions from previous projects are not always adapted to new realities. People always want something new. What exactly - help to understand UX-research.

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