2020 is the year of challenges and achievements. What the Beetroot Academy team did

Our world will no longer be the same as before. People are divided into two types: for some, 2020 has become a year of new opportunities, for others - a year of difficulties. Unequivocally, we all stopped for a while, exhaled and thought ... Let it be difficult, but look how much we managed in 2020!

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Students Stories14/08/2020

New job and big ambitions. What do Beetroot Academy graduates do two years after studying?

Lectures, homework, correspondence with classmates until midnight and suddenly - graduation. With intensive training, time flies fast. It's sad at first, but it's the beginning of something bigger. Two years later, Beetroot Academy graduates learned new IT areas, discovered freelancers and reconsidered their attitudes to life.

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I bet I'll understand the algorithm and write the code from scratch? Front-End course revision

Are you planning to code or design websites and interfaces? Knowing the Front-End, you can go in any direction of development. In your arsenal, at least, knowledge of HTML / CSS layout and one of the most popular programming languages - JavaScript. The peculiarity of the frontend in its clarity. You write the code and immediately see the result.

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