Diversify or die: why should a tech industry be inclusive?

In thea COVID-19 crisis, diversity and inclusion matter more than ever, shown in the McKinsey Study 2020. Why is that so, especially for tech, differences in Ukraine and Sweden, what gender and other biases we have to overcome, and how business can benefit from welcoming diverse talents and including multiple perspectives — discussed by the participants at the 26th meeting of DEVCHATA project, organized by Beetroot. Clara Bodin, a special guest, Global Lead Diversity & Inclusion at Telia Company, and the Chairwoman of the Beetroot and Beetroot Academy Board, shared her experience and knowledge. Read the most interesting parts of it here.

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Superhero mode. We combine work and study at Beetroot Academy

It's great to read the thoughts of others and know in advance what they will tell you. It would still be cool to travel in time. A mess at home, and the guests are already on the doorstep? You will go back an hour and quickly put the house in order. Unfortunately, we are not superheroes and we will not stop the time when the deadline is "burning". Because of work, we often can't sleep, let alone other things. However, the superpower "have time for everything" can be developed. It will take schedule and patience.

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You will not get confused in brackets and you will not miss a mistake. Revision of the Python course

You have four months and a desire to learn a simple programming language. What to choose? For MATLAB it is necessary to know well on algebra, in JavaScript anywhere without HTML / CSS. However, there is an area where it is enough to understand what a computer is made of and what an operating system is. This is a Python course. Simple applications, game prototypes and program testing - for all this, the Python code is written quickly, and errors can be corrected in the process.

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