This is how we're changing Ukraine with education.

Practical and up-to-date

We believe that professional education has to be practical, especially in the ever-changing field of IT. Courses at Beetroot Academy are constantly updated with the latest learnings and information we get from Beetroot--our parent company working with IT clients around the world. We also make sure you study with teachers who are experienced practitioners in their fields, and who want to help you become one as well.

Independence and responsibility

Working in IT requires autonomy. In your future career, you will always need to work, think and solve problems on your own. You will need to take responsibility of your tasks and ownership of the problems around you. That is why teachers at Beetroot Academy are always there to help you, but you are in charge of your own learning.

Collaboration and empathy

While you need to be independent, you also need to work well with your team. Studying at Beetroot Academy means that you collaborate with your classmates, respect their opinions and use different perspectives to come to the best possible solution. Ultimately, you always have to look out for others - whether it's your colleagues, customers or end-users.