Why Beetroot Academy?

Beetroot Academy is a Swedish-Ukrainian IT school. Students learn from teachers who are active in the industry, resulting in real, applicable knowledge.

Are you ready for a future in IT?

70% employment rate

Every career starts with a job, and we do everything we can to help you get one:

– We partner with local IT companies who are hungry for talented graduates.
– We make sure you leave with a great-looking portfolio to show off for employers.
– We help you navigate the IT job market.

It seems to be working: 70 % of our graduates have successfully found jobs in IT within 6 months of graduating.

Learn based on real market needs

In IT, experience is everything. Employers want developers capable of taking on projects and solving problems, things that only real experience can teach you. That’s why the 100+ hours in class are heavily practical. Together with a senior practitioner, our groups become teams who work on real projects, just like in a company. Theory is studied independently via our web portal.

For this to work, our close ties with Beetroot are key. They continuously provide us with their recent projects, so that the skills you learn are top-modern and hot on the market.

Two flags of blue and yellow

Just like it’s no coincidence we started in Poltava, it’s no coincidence our graduates work on international projects. While operating in Ukraine, Beetroot Academy is run by an international team – so we know the international market like no one else and teach according to global standards of web development. And if you want to know what a Swedish homely atmosphere feels like, come visit us. You won’t regret it!

We are a non-profit

We grew out of Beetroot, a successful IT company from Sweden. But unlike Beetroot, we have no commercial goals. We aim to maximize social impact instead of profit. We want individuals to develop and start new careers, and we want their communities to develop with them. In order to keep our focus on this mission, we have decided to operate as a non-profit. Money is never paid out to owners or investors. Instead, we reinvest that money to improve our courses and teaching conditions.

The full package

Remember the day you realized that school doesn’t teach you everything you need for the real world? We do too, and we try to be different. All our courses include everything you need for a real IT job. Aside from the highly practical core education, you will take English classes every week, and our HR experts guide you through “the jungle” that is the IT job market.

A rare opportunity

Many want to study with us; only a handful are admitted. We select the ones with the biggest potential to succeed as IT professionals. The result is a learning environment that breathes ambition and talent. Our groups work like teams, set up study groups out of class, and challenge each other along the way. It also makes employers know what to expect from candidates with a Beetroot Academy course on their resume.