How we spent last year


January 26

There is time to make plans. There is time to sum them up. And then there is time to share the results. Here, we’ve gathered the most important facts and events of 2017.

The number of our graduates…

…keeps growing. This September we celebrated Beetroot Academy’s 3rd birthday, with 341 happy graduates on board. Today, the number has grown to 481, and we are preparing another bright graduation while you are reading this post.

First graduation of Front-End course in Zaporizhia

Grants for education

Beetroot Academy is a social enterprise. We are focusing on the quality of education and constantly trying to maximize the employment rates of our graduates. We cooperate with international funds that have faith in our mission and accompany us on our way to achieving it. During the last year we added several partners to our list, including the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, and the Estonian Refugee Council. It allowed us to launch new academies and provide 130 students with grants for education. Among them – internally displaced people, ATO veterans, and women. By the way, we strive to engage more women in IT. We believe that the long-standing stereotype of IT-development as a male profession should be destroyed by now.

Meeting the ex Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas and estonian ambassador in Ukraine Gert Antsu.

Swedes are coming

We opened five more academies in 2017. Now we are represented in 9 cities: Kyiv, Odesa, Poltava, Kramatorsk, Zaporizhia, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernihiv. Just imagine: if we were in San-Marino, it would mean that we have an academy in every city there. There is a good chance that one day we can say the same about Ukraine.

Presentation of Beetroot Academy in Ivano-Frankivsk

What’s new?

This summer we decided to expand the educational vectors of Beetroot Academy and to launch a new course about Python. The first Python course has already started in Poltava.
Why would we do that? First, this language is rather simple for studying the basics of programming. Secondly, we managed to engage Isaak Gonzalez, a student of Chalmers University of Technology, into writing a unique course for our Academy. In Sweden Isaak is working on his own startup in the health sphere, called Neuralis. It helps people with bipolar disorder. The technology is designed and developed using Python.

Isaac at the opening event in Ivano-Frankivsk

Beetroots everywhere

We work in tight cooperation with the Swedish IT company Beetroot and we preach their successes as if they were our own. This year the company turned five years old! Beetroot hired 94 new employees and started working with 17 new clients. Keep it up, beets!

Happy dances at Beetroot 5th birthday party

Our team…

…is so big that it doesn’t fit in one photo! There are more than 40 teachers, 9 local managers and 9 people on the central management team.

A part of the team. Carpathian Mountains 2017

Our partners

We are willing to cooperate with projects that aim to create new professional opportunities in the IT sphere. Currently we are happily cooperating with 60 companies in Ukraine. Every day we keep searching for those who share our views to create an explicitly solid IT society.

We like to imagine how our Academy turns into an innovative intergalactic school of informational technologies in the future. In 2018 we’ll take more steps to achieve this goal.

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